It is my personal and professional philosophy that interpreting is far more than just the ability to break the communication gap between groups of people speaking in different languages. Interpreting is a state of being; it’s an art. You must love it, breath it, and live it. To be a great interpreter, one not only has to possess exquisite language skills but also have appreciation and respect for the clients he or she works with.

I joined the interpreting industry in 2015, and in a short while, I have gained the trust and confidence of many reputable organisations and professionals in Nottinghamshire. As a result, I have not only developed superb linguistic competencies in legal, medical, and governmental sectors, but also exceptional interpersonal and communication skills. I have recently completed the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting with Law option, and I will be approaching final exams in June 2018. In addition, I have completed the Diploma in Advanced Medical Interpreting to enhance and advance my medical knowledge. I am also an associate member with Chartered Institute of Linguists. However, the most compelling evidence of my proficiency as an interpreter is my extensive experience and happy clients. Coupled with linguistic and interpersonal excellence, I know how to handle intercultural differences and act as an impartial mediator to facilitate better understanding. I am always remaining sensitive and considerate to clients’ personal values and beliefs, and above all, I adhere to rules of confidentiality. I understand not only the ‘language they speak’ but also the meaning behind the ‘unspoken’ language of different cultures. I am also committed to the professional code of conduct and guide to good practice produced by the National Register of Public Service Interpreters.

As an interpreter, I believe in constant and never-ending improvement. To keep my knowledgebase updated and to sharpen my skills, I attend various forms of continuing professional development. Finally, before joining the interpreting industry, I worked as an executive recovery and wellness coach, associate recovery and wellness coach, specializing in substance/behaviour misuse, mental health, and chronic conditions. This experience adds further benefit to my interpreter practice, as it allows me to access nonverbal communication, often so important and valuable to my clients.