Business Interpreting

Business interpreting is providing language services in corporate or business settings. As the business world becomes more and more diverse, the need for accurate, professional interpreting is increasing. This might include: business meeting, conventions, sales presentations, tours, events, contract negotiations, educational classes, focus groups, product rollouts, investor meetings, training sessions and many more. Whether you represent a local start up or an established corporation I would be privileged to become your ally of choice to overcome language barriers and open a world of opportunity. I am convinced that my language skills, understanding of trade, and outstanding communication skills will help you in achieving your business objectives. image: Business Interpreting

Legal Interpreting

Legal Interpreting is providing language services for non-English speaking clients in the broad understood legal settings. This might include Police interview and investigations, court or tribunal proceedings, client-solicitor interactions, mediation and arbitration proceedings or non-English speaking prison and secure mental health hospital visits. A legal interpreter often works where matters involve high risk, including personal freedom. It requires the interpreter to have an excellent understanding of legal and law enforcement language and procedures. It must be carried out in an accurate, non-biased manner and legal etiquette. image: Legal Interpreting

Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpreting is providing language services to non-English speaking patients to help them communicate with doctors, nurses, consultants, and other medical staff. The interpreter fulfills several roles, including communicator, advocate, and culture broker, and co-diagnostician Medical interpreters understand important medical terminology, with the specialized skills to render messages from one language to another and an understanding of how to mediate cultural misunderstandings. Professional medical interpreters can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. image: Medical Interpreting

Public Sector Interpreting

Public Sector Interpreting is providing language support to non-English speaking clients accessing services from councils, NGOs, and third sector organizations. This might include Local Authority, housing associations, education bodies, central government departments, government agencies, or charities. Knowledge of the public system and terminology is a must, as the interpreter will often have little notice prior to the assignment. In addition, the interpreter plays an essential and highly responsible role, due to the complexity, the relevance, the emotional charge, and the hostile or polarized social surroundings. Hence, she/he must have excellent resilience and interpersonal skills. image: Public Sector Interpreting


Transcriptions convert live or recorded speech into a written or electronic document. I provide secure and accurate transcription services for business, legal, academic, medical, and general purpose. This might include interviews, meetings, manuscripts, reports, dictation, lectures, correspondence, conference proceedings, scripts, speeches, articles and telephone conversations. It does not matter if you need to transcribe the voice of one person or multiple speakers, I would be happy to provide you with excellent service. In addition, I understand that, as a professional, you expect your dictation to be transcribed exactly as your original recording.


Document translation

Document translation is the professional translation of one language into another. Professional translators translate documents to and from English into any other language that may be required to reach your target audience. I have extensive experience in translating text solely from English into Polish. In a multilingual world, great translation services are an absolute must. I am happy to help you with translating legal, medical, business, governmental documents. However, if you need any other documents translated, please get in touch, as no job is too small. I am eager to create an experience that will fulfill your expectations and put you at ease.


Eastern European Communities

If you are working with Eastern European Communities and would like better engagement or achieve a particular goal, I would be delighted to assist you with this and any other matter connected to Eastern European Communities. Similarly, I can help you in developing or improving a comprehensive community engagement strategy tailored specifically to EU Communities, saving you time and unproductive effort. I have been advising Nottingham City Council’s Cohesion Team, Crown Prosecution Services,  Nottinghamshire Police and charity organizations on wide range of issues, including providing bespoken support to hard to reach groups or tackling serious crime, such as human trafficking, modern slavery, or domestic violence.

Eastern European Communities